Happiness: Why Are You So Hard to Find?

Where are you?  Where are you? Where have you been? Why do I have to fervently beg for you over and over again? 

Do you really exist? If so, why are there always red nail prints in my open fist? 

Where are you? Is there another route I can take in capturing you?

 I’m drowning in a bayou without a boat or water that’s clear blue. I only have this life jacket that is stained with the mental anguish and saturated with memories of pain. I can feel battle patches and scars from the last war I fought in seeking you.

Damn it happiness, where are you? 

 This bayou is a dark, lonely, and confusing place. I hate being here in the middle of no where without knowing how to start. Everything is all over the place and I’m torn apart. 

Where are you? I can’t see your face

Where are you? Where is this great peace of mind that was once in my heart? Don’t you understand I considered that to be your greatest part?

Where do I begin? I need to start

I can’t seem to find you and yes I’m torn the hell apart

Pushing my way through this bayou ain’t easy, nor is getting to you; especially when I have absolutely no clue.

I pray.. 

Oh Now I see you!! 

You are hidding in these shattered pieces of my peace that only God has the glue.  

And for that reason, I will continuously seek you, because I know Him to be true


My nose is red and raw from all the holding, blowing, and wiping. My lips are so sore and dry; and, they burn from rubbing them dry after a sneeze or two.

When You Are Who You Think You Are

Listening to the Rapper Drake and he said something that I thought was so profound..  “You Know it’s real when you are who you think you are.”

Accepting who you are and where are in life allows you to focus and go further… 

Getting Something Done the Day You Set Out To Do It is Called Success… 

I was at Walmart yesterday and purchased 7 small Garden Mums for $1.00 a piece. I buy them every year. Usually I purchase the huge pots of Mums and they usually die a week or two after Labor Day. 

I decided to try something different this year.. I’m going to nurture them while they are small and create a home for them in something I’ve always wanted for my patio since I have an iron railing balcony, an English Horse Trough. 

I never knew what the formal name was for this type of planter, but I was blessed to find out when I set my goals and accomplished the task of purchasing the English Horse Trough and placing my new babies in their new cradle and successfully created their new home based on my design for them…

The Law of Love Matters…

God is Love.. Love is God and God is everything that is Love.  Love and acts of love will always matter. #lovematters

I love you, I pray that you find it in your heart to love me you too #lawsoflovematter 

The Law of Love is God, His Word, and His   Precepts. But if we don’t learn, understand, and  accept the Law of Love how could we possibly know who and what we are in it? How do you obligate yourself and commit yourself? We make vows to God and He blesses us with KNOWLEDGE OF HIS LAWS, Precepts, and covenants #oathsOfLovematter

Our Constitution is the love law  that those of us that are citizens have made an oath to honor the Spirit of Love, Justice, Peace, Freedom, and the Liberties for all.

In exchange for our oath we receive a covenant of protections written in the Constitution which is Law of Love here in America. 

 It is written in love, for the matters of the heart and amended for additional protections of love, peace, harmony, and justice for all #constitutionmatters

How do you know your rights if you don’t know the laws that cover them?  

Laws protects those that commit themselves to the rules and the precepts under the law; and, those that don’t honor the oaths taken under those laws are not immune to the commitment of  punishment for breaking those laws. 

You must prove that a law has been broken, you must prove that your rights have been violated, but more importantly you must prove that the tortfeasor didn’t honor their oath under that subject matter of the pertaining to you rights under that particular law.


When you believe someone has raped you of your rights that were promised to you under the covenant, you have the POWER of the Constitition to prove that your rights were violated. In fact you have laws that are written to defend you when another entity foresakes their oath to protect the Love, Justice, peace, freedoms, and Liberties that you are entitled to under the Law of Love. 

It isn’t always how we feel that matters, it is the law that has been broken that matters. The written words in the law matters and it was written for us all.

The intention, the law of the subject matter, and discretion in applying and/not applying the law matters. 

LAW is a MUST, may is only discretionary! When it is written, it matters because it is a law.  The passion of the protected made it a law. 

What people think and how they act is based on their thoughts and the intentions of their hearts, which is discretionary, but the law must be honored and followed by all. 



C. Marie Lundy